From e-mail list March 18, 2003

Hi to you Ray!

Recieved this email about George Bush. It follows all the other emails about the Cowboy from Texas. Theres also another email floating around with Oprah Winfrey (Queen of daytime talk) calling Bush a cowboy.

I think (my opinion) these and the other previous emails about Bush being the Cowboy would qualify as a Confirmation of the Cowboy prophecies?



Ray:  Just want to bring attention to the prophecy "Watch the cowboy from Texas".  Yehaa let's
go get em.... Just like in the westerns with John Wayne rushing in with the Calvary....
Ron Viessman
859.  Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 January 1996 at 10:30 PM.

 A vision of an ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream and a dark colored cone, the cookie kind.

 Then the vision changed into three ice cream cones.

 A vision of a bundle of sticks tied tightly together with a thin white string.

The Lord said, "Watch the cowboy from Texas."

The Lord showed me a snake with someone trying to cut off its head with a dull knife.  It didn't effect the snake at all.  Then I saw someone trying to brand it with a hot branding iron from the neck back.  They branded the snake so much that when they were finished the snake looked like a flat pancake the whole length of the snake.  Then the snake pulls itself together or blows itself up and wiggles away.

 I saw a powder blue airplane broken in two with the back portion missing.


Hi to you Ray and Family. Hope all is well with you!!! Missing your emails.


Iran Says Bush Acting Like a 'Cowboy'
Mon May 27, 9:31 AM ET

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said Monday President Bush (news - web sites) was
acting like a sheriff in the Wild West by trying to bully other countries to
end their nuclear and arms cooperation with Tehran.


Reuters Photo
"Bush thinks he is still living in the age of the cowboys, and that the
world is like Texas with him as its sheriff," Iran's Defense Minister
Admiral Ali Shamkhani said.

"He must know the time of cowboys is over. It is now the time to withdraw
his gun," he said, quoted by IRNA news agency.

Bush has called Iran part of an "axis of evil," accusing it of trying to
acquire weapons of mass destruction.

During a visit to Russia last week, he asked Moscow to stop helping Iran
build a nuclear power plant because it might provide it with the know-how to
develop atomic weapons.

In Paris Sunday, Bush said Russia had proposed international inspections to
ease U.S. fears that the facility might be used to produce nuclear weapons.

"The use of pressure and sanctions by America on other countries is an
irrational and childish act," the admiral said. "By developing modern
defensive equipment, Iran has proven that sanctions are ineffective."