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Found this interesting tidbit on the Jack Van Impe news site. Thought immediately of Ray's anointing trips.

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May 20, 2000

Scripps-McClatchy Western Service reported:

"With Thursday being the 20th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helen's atomic bomb-like eruption, the clock will continue to tick toward the day when Mt. Shasta also lets loose with a powerful blast of its own. Experts agree it's only a matter of time before the 14,162-foot Mt. Shasta follows Mt. St. Helens' explosive step of May 18, 1980. 'It could happen tomorrow, it could be 10 years from now, or it could be 100 years from now. We don't really know,' said Robert Matthews, a volcano expert and professor emeritus at the University of California at Davis. And don't forget about 10,457-foot Lassen Peak in eastern Shasta County. That could go someday, too. It erupted back in May 1914, and really let loose in May 1915 when it blew an enormous mushroom cloud seven miles into the stratosphere. All three peaks are within the Cascade Range of volcanoes, which stretches from Shasta County into Canada. Matthews and Bill Hirt, a geology instructor at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed, agree that the gigantic mountain will one day erupt, but they also say it should give a lot of early warning signs..."

Only a few of the Mt. Shasta Prophecies:

720. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 April 1995 at 7:42 AM

The Lord said: "Shasta, Shasta, Shasta, Mt. Shasta will be hit with the Force of God. Shasta, Shasta, Mt. Shasta will be hit with the Force of God." (over)