Subject: Re: [Fwd: possible confirmation]
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 12:57:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: oliver schmidt <>
To: Raymond Aguilera <>

Hi to you Ray! 

Just wanted to add something to thi possible confirmation. 

Prophecy #206 Paraphrased from Jack Barrs website:

206. the day of the Fox will surprise everyone , for the Fox is out of the hole and loose looking for information and data on anybody and everybody The day of the Fox will appear when the missile will be shot into the Province of Iraq 

What caught my attention the other day on the (CNN) TV was the prerecorded speech Osama Bin Laden gave after the USA tarting bombing Afghanistan last sunday. He mentioned in his speech that it was when the USA started shooting missles? bombs into Iraq was when he decided to wage the Jihad on the USA. Also this quote from another interview Osama gave in 1996? 1998? 

* The confrontation between the Islamic movement and the apostate Saud regime recorded a historical turning point following the latest attacks against the American occupiers targets. How did these attacks reflect on the internal front, and how did they affect the Saudi-American relations? 

Osama Bin Ladens Answer: (paraphrased)

"These missions also paved the way for the raising of the voices of opposition against the American occupation from within the ruling family and the armed forces; in fact we can say that the remaining Gulf countries have been effected to the same degree, and that the voices of opposition to the American occupation have begun to be heard at the level of the ruling families and the governments of the Cooperative Council of Gulf countries. The differences in outlooks between the Americans and the Gulf states has appeared for the first time since the second Gulf war. This was during the conference of the ministers of external affairs of the countries of the cooperative council of Gulf states which was held in Riyadh to look into the American missile aggression against Iraq. These differences are nothing more than a sign of the strain which has eventuated in the relationship between America and the countries of the region in the footsteps of the Jihad missions against the Americans in Riyadh and as a result of the fear of these regimes that their own lands might witness similar Jihad missions."

Ray i think ron is correct about Osama being the fox.