Jan. 2, 2002

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Frist, Eva and I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Below you will find a possible confirmation from Michael O. One might also note that on September 11, 2001, in New York, a fire 
started by the airplanes hitting the Twin Towers Buildings, this fire lasted 3 months and killed about 3,000 people.

Also one might look at what is going on in the following places Carl, Ron V, Eva, and I anointed in the past few years.

Israel - at war.
USA - at war. (with Terrorist)
England - at war. (with Terrorist)
Germany - at war. (with Terrorist)
Russia - at war. (with Terrorist)
Argintina - money problems.
Lima, Puru - Large city fire.

Yours in Christ,
Subject: possible confirmation of fire in prophecy 1554
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:54:54 -0800 (PST)
From: mike o XXXXX@yahoo.com>
To: ray@prophecy.org

1554. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 October 2000 at 5:20 PM.

Listen Reymundo, the world is going to bow down to Jehovah, Jesus
Christ, and the Holy Spirit, for all that you see is going to stop to
the point. Watch out, for the Body of My Son is going to come after you
with a vengeance. But do not worry for you are in My Hands. For I am
the corrector, the breaker, of the universe.

For the forces on the planet are assembling and moving into their
positions with power and force. There is going to be a fire in a
certain large city that will be a sign to you My son, that what I have
said is all the truth.
Be careful for the Body of My Son is going to
try to entrap you. So I want you just to say nothing, for it is My
Battle, not yours. I will correct it with My Powerful Hand. They are a
stiff necked and hardheaded people. But Like I said, "No matter what
they say - you keep quite".

Thank you, for all of the good work and We will speak again. Your
Loving Father Jehovah, with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit telling
you the wisdom of Heaven.

God bless you and Eva and family
Michael Okoro

Monday December 31 8:55 AM ET 

More Than 250 Killed in Peru Fire
By DREW BENSON, Associated Press Writer 

LIMA, Peru (AP) - Jose Fernandez Vega was sure he would die after black
smoke clouded his view of a street jammed with unlicensed vendors,
shoppers and cars full of screaming people trapped in a fire that
killed more than 250. 

``People were burning standing up, they were burning on top of one
another,'' Vega said Sunday, sitting in a wheelchair at a burn unit,
his arms wrapped in bandage. He said he scrambled over three or four
burning taxis to escape Peru's most devastating fire on record. ``I
have never seen this type of tragedy.'' 

Witnesses said someone set off a large firecracker in the street
Saturday night, apparently to test it, and that it set off other
fireworks nearby. Officials estimate temperatures exceeded 1,100

At least 122 people, including small children, were found dead in the
streets after the towering blaze raced through a four-block area
Saturday night, accompanied by the machinegun-like explosions of
fireworks from stands that clogged the downtown historic center.
Firefighters going through the fire-gutted buildings were finding more

While the investigation continued, officials agreed that inadequate
zoning, street congestion and rampant safety violations contributed to
the tragedy. 

Mayor Alberto Andrade said the city tried to stop the unauthorized sale
of fireworks from street vendors who had returned to the crammed
downtown shopping area before Christmas following a five-year absence.
Municipal authorities had tried to dislodge the merchants several days

``Unfortunately, the merchants marched and attacked our municipal
police to the point that they injured two, putting one in a coma,''
Andrade said. The violence was reminiscent of street battles between
unlicensed vendors and police who forced them out in late 1996. 

Although Lima's center was designated a U.N. World Heritage site a
decade ago, the fire-scarred section would be hard to describe as a
tourist destination. 

It is a hodgepodge of ugly, modern three- to six-story structures and
decaying colonial-era buildings divided into apartments and shops. 

Fires linked to fireworks or crowded markets in parts of Lima's
downtown are not uncommon. 

Peru's leading newspaper El Comercio listed six such fires during the
past decade. One fireworks-induced blaze, on Dec. 5, 1991, killed 12

Part of the problem, said Paul Maquet, city planner at Lima's Institute
of Urban Development, is a lack of zoning enforcement in the downtown,
with families often living perilously close to apartments converted
into fireworks warehouses. 

``This is an old topic for debate in Lima,'' Maquet said, adding that
an ``Urban Rebirth'' program has been in effect, with regulations in
place to rebuild and rezone, since 1998. ``Unfortunately there isn't
the will to comply with the law,'' he said. 

Adherence to safety standards are often sacrificed to cut construction
costs, he said. When inspectors do call for improvements, they are
often begun, but rarely finished. 

As recovery efforts continued Sunday, Civil Defense Col. Ruben Ibanez
told The Associated Press that dozens of anguished family members,
carrying photographs and dental records, formed long lines to begin
identifying victims, many charred beyond recognition. 

Ibanez said late Sunday that 256 bodies had been recovered and that
recovery efforts would continue through the night. He said that 30
percent of the commercial galleries inside the tenements still needed
to be searched. At least 144 people were hospitalized. 

Pope John Paul II, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the
governments of Italy and Spain sent Peru their condolences. 

Walter Villamil, 46, sweeping the black sludge left over from the fire
in front of his house Sunday, pulled what he - and many others at the
scene - said was the cause of the fire. 

``This is a 'chocolate,''' he said, holding up a round, quarter-sized
firecracker crudely wrapped in straw paper. Between his thumb and
forefinger it looked like a candy with a fuse sticking out. 

``Somebody wanted to see if it worked before he bought one.'' 

President Alejandro Toledo declared Sunday and Monday national days of
mourning and announced an immediate ban on the production, importation
or sale of fireworks, which are popular in Peru during Christmas and
New Year celebrations. 

Fireworks vendors, who normally crowd streets throughout the capital
during the season, had mostly disappeared from Lima's streets by late

``I've put away everything but the sparklers,'' said Aydee Condori, 29,
who stood by her cart stocked with New Year's party favors, socks and
cheap hair bands in a residential district a few miles from the

``I'm not selling little firecrackers either,'' she said. ``I'm afraid
to sell them now, after what happened.'' 

Subject: Re: possible confirmation from Michael.
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 01:03:03 +1100
From XXXXX@hotmail.com>
To: ray@prophecy.org

Ray, another possible confirmation about "there is going to be a fire in a 
certain large city that will be a sign to you My son", could possibly be the 
bush fire storms that have been surrounding my city, Sydney, Australia since 
Christmas Day. The Fire is surrounding our city from the North, West and 
South. Sydney is located on the East coast of Australia with the Pacific 
Ocean to our immediate East. However, there have not been any loss of life 
as yet, only over 160 homes. The Fires are within 10kms of the City.

Joseph Doueihi
Sydney, Australia

P.S. Over the past several days now I have noticed that the light from the 
moon has been in the shape of the Cross, with the moon being the centre 
junction of where the cross meets.


Subject: FIRE 
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 01:56:06 -0500 (EST) 
From: XXXXXX@earthlink.net> 
To: ray@prophecy.org 

Ray is this the fire the Lord referred to in the prophecy on Oct 7 this year? 

>From yahoo news today 
Suspects Held After Chinese Disco Fire Kills 309 (Reuters) - Chinese police have made arrests following a Christmas day fire in the city of Luoyang that killed 309 people, most of them revelers in a disco, Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday. ``Suspects responsible for the fire have been detained,'' Xinhua quoted local government officials as saying, adding that the cause of the blaze was under investigation 

God Bless you and Eva is she back yet and how are you all coping 
Brother Mike 
ps in other reports they say it was a CHRISTMAS party. 

Fire in central China kills hundreds

Scores trapped in fourth-floor dance hall suffocate


BEIJING, Dec. 26 — Fire swept through a shopping center in central China and killed at least 309 people, most of them Christmas revelers trapped in a crowded disco on the building’s fourth floor, officials said Tuesday.

in the city of Luoyang in Henan province started Monday night in the building’s basement, where renovations were under way. It quickly engulfed the entire structure, an official in the city government’s information office said.
    Most of the victims suffocated, said the official, who only gave his surname, Li. He said the casualties included disco patrons and construction workers involved in the renovations.
    In addition to the 309 dead, seven were injured and taken to hospitals, the government’s Xinhua News Agency said.
    Some 750 police and firefighters rushed to the scene and extinguished the blaze within three hours, the Luoyang Evening News said.
    The stricken shopping center is in the cultural heart of Luoyang, an ancient city on the Yellow River that was China’s capital off and on until a thousand years ago.
    At least 200 people were in the fourth-floor disco, and construction workers were on the second and third floors when the fire started, Xinhua and the provincial television station reported.
    The disco was crowded with people attending a Christmas dance party, local media and officials said. Although not a holiday in officially atheistic China, Christmas has become a fashionable occasion for parties among younger urban Chinese.
    Henan provincial television said the construction work may have been to blame for the fire, but Li said only that its cause was under investigation. Local news accounts said construction materials may have blocked escape routes, contributing to the disaster.

Two decades of rapid economic growth has brought China spotty safety regulations and lax enforcement, and fires and building collapses are common. Henan, China’s most populous province, came under criticism in March after 74 people died in a fire in a cinema in Jiaozuo city.
    Monday’s fire may be China’s worst in six years. On Dec. 8, 1994, a fire killed 385 people — most of them children — at a theater in the far western region of Xinjiang. Only one exit door was unlocked when the fire occurred.
    In a sign of official concern, Beijing sent a vice minister, Shi Wanpeng, to Luoyang on Tuesday to assess the disaster and the local government’s response.
    Footage on Henan television showed flames shooting out of smashed windows on the building’s first floor. Firefighters worked in oxygen masks and pump wagons sprayed the building’s glass front, which remained largely intact.
    One woman was shown hanging out of a window waiting to be rescued, and firefighters plucked some people, children among them, from the upper floors using a platform mounted on a crane.
    Shortly after the fire broke out around 9:30 p.m., the dance hall erupted in chaos, the Henan Daily, the provincial government’s newspaper, reported.
    Firefighters tried to enter the disco but found the smoke so thick they retreated, unable to determine how many people were inside, the newspaper said.

One partygoer, her face black with soot and her hands bloody, said she and five or six others jumped to safety from a balcony, but she didn’t know if her husband escaped, the newspaper reported.
    An employee at a movie theater across the street from the shopping center said smoke poured from the building’s top and back. Firefighters and police searched the building Tuesday, keeping the area cordoned off, said the woman, who asked not to be identified.

NBC's Chris Billing in Beijing, The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.