1424. Prophecy and Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 November 1999 at 11:45 PM.

......Prophecy in Spanish:

I know! I know My son! I know My son the climate of the world. I know the climate of the stars. I know the climate of your heart. I know the climate of your heart and your spirit. Yes, My son - I know all with the Intelligence of God, I tell you the things of God.

It has arrived at the point the Mister (the man) with the pistols. Yes, he has arrived to the point. And these pistols, they are going to hide in the ground until they are ready to use them. Yes, the war that is coming - is ready with the hidden pistols to the point. All the people who believe that there is going to be peace are going to be frightened. For the war and all the things of the war are hidden. ......

FBI Director Admits Russians May Have Secret Weapons in US

NewsMax.com November 8, 1999

FBI Director Louis Freeh admitted that Russia may yet have stored weapons — including nuclear suitcase bombs — at secret locations around the U.S.
    The stunning revelations appeared in yesterday’s editions of the New York Post. The paper quoted Congressman Curt Weldon (R-Pa.) as having had a conversation with Freeh in the past two weeks.
    Weldon said that Freeh "acknowledged the possibility that hidden weapons caches exist in the United States ..”
    Weldon, a leading congressional expert on Russia and chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Research and Development, said, "There is no doubt that the Soviets stored material in this country. The question is what and where.”
    Congressional scrutiny has focused on dozens of nuclear suitcase bombs that have disappeared from Russian’s nuclear arsenal. According to Russian sources, including Russian General Alexander Lebed, Russia produced 132 nuclear suitcase bombs, each carrying 10 kilotons of explosive material. Only 48 remain in Russia’s inventory; the rest have disappeared.
    The FBI has taken a nonchalant approach to locating the secret caches.
    Congressional sources indicate that the FBI scoured the area around Brainerd, Minn. — one area Russian agents were believed to have forward-deployed weapons in the event of a war.
    But Weldon said the Clinton administration is not interested in pressing the Yeltsin government for fear of destabilizing his shaky position vis-à-vis the country’s military leadership.
    Concerns about the secret stockpiles have been fueled in recent years by revelations made by Russian defectors.
    One KGB defector, Vasili Mitrokhin, provided information to British intelligence that secret weapons stockpiles are scattered throughout the U.S., including upstate New York, California, Texas, Montana and Minnesota.
    Mitrokhin has also stated that such stockpiles were also made throughout Europe. Some Russian weapons caches have been located in Belgium and Switzerland.
    Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the highest ranking military spy ever to defect from Russia, has testified that the Soviet military developed elaborate plans for the use of weapons during the outset of a war with the U.S.
    Lunev said Russian military plans include the destruction of military bases, command and control centers, and the assassination of top U.S. leaders, including the president and members of Congress.
    Lunev has also told members of Congress that suitcase nuclear devices may have already been forward-deployed into the U.S.
    While the secret stockpiles appear to be remnants of the Cold War period, Lunev, a NewsMax.com columnist and author of Through the Eyes of the Enemy, has warned U.S. authorities that Soviet military strategy continues under the guise of Russian "democracy.”
    Lunev has stated that Russian military leaders continue to see a nuclear conflict between Russia and the United States as "inevitable.”
    In recent years, the Russian government has continued to invest heavily in strategic weapons. Russia is currently mass producing the Topol-M intercontinental missile — a weapon more sophisticated than anything produced by the U.S. military.
    Russia also continues to invest billions in building large underground bunkers for use during a nuclear conflict. Last month, the Yelstin government announced plans to increase military spending by 50 percent in next year's budget.

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